Terms, Shipping, and Payment

All animals are guaranteed to be correctly sexed (unless specified otherwise), feeding, and healthy, and will be honestly represented if not produced by me. I will let you know everything I know about the animal's history. Temperament on animals cannot and will not be guaranteed.

Animals must be inspected upon arrival at airport destinations (or immediately upon receipt for local sales.) Any disputes as to the animal's condition must be brought to my attention within 24 hours of receipt. If a return is required, this will be at your expense until it arrives safely and properly packed at my facility, after which shipping costs will be given to you in the form of credit or replacement, IF your dissatisfaction claim is found to be legitimate and true. There are no refunds on any animals or products.

All PLYWOOD cages have a 30 day warranty. No warranty is given on melamine.

Shipping - Live animals

Shipping is available within Canada only on live animals. Unless arranged otherwise, shipping is ALWAYS paid by the buyer. I prefer to ship Air Canada cargo wherever possible at an average cost of $120 per box. I can also ship via WestJet between the months of March and November, at an average cost of $66.34 per box. I cannot guarantee prices on shipping, as this is up to the individual carrier selected. If Air Canada is the choice, I will always put insurance on the shipment, but it is the buyer's responsibility to notify Air Canada of any "dead on arrivals" due to mistakes in carrier handling of package. Please note that multiple animals can occupy a single box. Please note, I do not ship until payment is received in FULL. No exceptions.

Shipping - Goods and Merchandise

Goods and merchandise within Canada will be sent XpressPost (2-3 business day) unless you specify otherwise. If you want faster delivery, this can also be arranged, as can slower, lower-cost shipping if you would prefer.

I am not aware of any restrictions on International shipments of goods or merchandise, so I am offering worldwide shipping on these. Buyer is responsible for covering all shipping costs, as well as any duties, tarriffs, or taxes from the receiving country on the declared value of the goods. I will send all goods via Canada Post to whatever your destination is. Please note that I reserve the right to impose a minimum dollar amount on orders outside of Canada.

Shipping - Cages

I cannot guarantee shipping on cages, as this will have to include a box charge (a shipping crate must be built), and a rather costly charge for freight. The average cage may cost in excess of $400 for shipping. Delivery within southern Alberta can be arranged for a fee, but shipping will have to be discussed based on the value of the cages being purchased.


I accept cash, money orders, certified checks, or direct deposit into my bank account. I will accept PayPal, but there will be a 3.9% surcharge on top of your order to cover withdrawal fees. I will also accept personal checks, but there will be a 10 day waiting period while I wait for the check to clear both banks. NO merchandise will be released before the funds have cleared!

Wholesale Orders

We are more than willing to wholesale our animals to RESPONSIBLE pet stores and wholesalers. Be expecting us to inquire about you within the community if your store is too far out of the way for us to check out ourselves. Please note, we will not sell to anyone who is in any way associated with:

Red Deer Reptiles and Such
Riverfront Aquariums

We feel that the aforementioned stores have completely substandard conditions, deplorable quarantine practices, and in the case of the Red Deer store, conditions so horrible that we feel the owner deserves jail time for his abuse and neglect of reptiles.

So aside from these stores, feel free to inquire.