About Invictus Exotics

by Ken

I started into this hobby around 2002 when I was given 3 corn snakes by a co-worker. My obsession then began, and within a year I had already worked with about 20 different species of snakes. I've learned a lot in a short time, but just when you think you know it all, a snake will surprise you with what you didn't know.

Breeding snakes has always had its ups and downs, and we've had our share of extreme victories and have also suffered from amazing disappointments. No matter how big the disappointment though, nothing has stopped me from wanting to continue on.

I could go more into the history up until now, but there are only two more items of the past worth mentioning. In January of 2006, I got together with Erika Filson, who is now my fiancee. She was terrified of snakes - and I mean a literally paralyzing fear - until she got together with me. Now, she freely handles papuan pythons without batting an eyelash. Because of her, many of my dreams have come to fruition - both within the business and outside of it as well.

So who are we now? We're people who have a passion for snakes. We specialize in vietnamese blue beauties, corn snakes, papuan pythons, and liasis pythons, but we do not stop there. We care about where our snakes go - as such, we will never knowingly sell our animals to irresponsible pet stores that abuse, neglect, and kill animals. Even if it means keeping everything we produce, we will not sentence our snakes to death. We believe in educating people with the facts. Whether that means telling people "No, you DO NOT have a 7 foot corn or a 10 foot boa", or helping people to understand what "het" or "1.2.1" means, you can count on us to be 100% honest when it comes to snakes.

2008 looks like it could be the best year ever, so stay tuned. Check the "projects" page for definite pairings that we will be doing, as well as the birthing records. Check "Availability" for what we're parting with. All in all, thank you for visiting, and hopefully some of our animals will find their way to you.